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This LDS Regional Youth Conference was held in Lyman for 2012. Youth ranging from 14-19 years old came from Lyman, Mtn. View, Urie, Robertson, Ft. Bridger, Evanston, Kemmerer, Woodruff & Randolph UT, Green River, Manila UT, Mckinnon, & Rock Springs to participate in a full day of Wonderful Activities.

Over 450+ Youth many belonging to the LDS church, several of their non-member friends, & approx 100 adults who volunteered to host, chaperon, cook, & transport the youth all participated in the days events:

The day began with fun games so everyone could get to know each other, Lunch was then enjoyed together, & then everyone was divided into several groups as they went out into the surrounding communities & provided service for over 2.5 hours.

Some of those jobs included: trash pick-up, painting, moving rocks, moving logs/wood, weeding, pruning trees, & cleaning up of property. Some of teh locations included Fort Bridger, the Local Landfill & surrounding areas, the Maverick, Lyman High School, Private Property, & more. (The photos included in this gallery show the before & after clean-up at the Landfill where our individual group went.)

After the service project the youth returned to the Lyman High School & were able to rest, visit with friends, & enjoy a Popsicle.

Once everyone arrived back, the youth enjoyed Motivational speakers Dr. Nathan Lester & his wife Kristie from Evanston who spoke to the youth about the theme chosen for the event: "Arise & Shine Forth - that thy light may be a standard for the nations." After the speakers followed a short testimony meeting where the youth were able to share their feelings, & thoughts with one another.

Hamburgers & hot dogs were grilled by amazing volunteers & served with all the summer fixings for everyone to enjoy for dinner.

Following dinner a dance was hosted for all the Youth who had a great time while mingling & interacting with one another.

THANK-YOU to all those who organized & made this event possible & for all the Amazing Youth in Southwest WY (including those from UT) who attended!!
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