Jeanna Young Photography - Located in Green River, WY - Serving Southwestern  Wyoming

     I love working with people.... I love showing how beautiful people are though the images I capture and create. 
  I work with a lot of large groups, families,  and events and have found a true love for
capturing relationships, love, laughter, and the making of memories.


 Please feel free to look through my photo galleries & my slide show to view my work & style of photography.

I believe that a Photo Session & your Portraits are an investment & I cherish the opportunity

to capture memories that will last beyond a lifetime.  



For display ideas & designs for using your upcoming photos on the walls in  your home or office - visit here.      

Wear comfortable clothing that you can sit and play in. You DON'T have to MATCH. Coordinating colors are great. If you choose bring Funky hats and

scarves, or flip-flops in the summer. If you have an amazing vehicle or toy, an instrument you enjoy playing, or a favorite pet - let's use them too in your

photo session.  If your three year old is going through a princess phase, let her bring her crown. If your 8 year old son wants to wear his soccer jersey--

let him! Remember--this shouldn't be something the family dreads--but a reason to play and celebrate life together. *Ideas for coordinating fun

wardrobes can be viewed on my Facebook page   along with many other ideas at Pinterest


Thanks for visiting my site - Contact me if you have any questions!   I look forward to working with you. 


~ Jeanna Young